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Posted by admin 01 March, 2019 In Uncategorized, Tips

Why OE Certifications Are So Important

What are they?

OE certifications have become increasingly important in the auto body industry. OE stands for original equipment. Many repair facilities are dedicating time, energy, and money into getting these prestigious certifications. The certifications provide several outlets to increase internet presence overall and guarantee that employees are up to date on the latest training. Also, having these certifications means that a shop has gone through a grueling approval process from the manufacturer’s themselves. 

OE certifications guarantee safe and proper repairs in an approved facility, which is why they are so important in today’s market of highly technical cars. Certifications guarantee that your car is being repaired with the exact same parts and machines that were used to make it in the factory before it ever touched the road. Vehicles loaded with high tech equipment and technology now notify the cars manufacturer for First Notice of Loss, as opposed to the insurance companies. The manufacturers then deploy the necessary personnel such as, police and tow assistance, to ensure the vehicle safely arrives to a certified shop in their network. This will eliminate out of network shops and non-certified shops from receiving and repairing vehicles in crashes with these OE capabilities. 

Other than the advantages listed above, here are some perks of investing in OE certifications:

  • Manufacturer’s will limit parts sales to non-certified shops, but OE shops will have access to all parts
  • OE certifications give credibility to the facility and helps them stand out from the rest
  • Training processes and inspections of the facility ensure that only the best get certified – quality is the top priority
  • After being certified, shops have access to logos, and other digital assets that help build social presence – some certified networks even pitch in on posting for social media
  • On manufacturer’s websites their locators for repair shops will only include certified shops
    • Many of them have mobile apps as well, and only show certified shops

Interested in applying and obtaining OE certifications? 

We can help with that! B2B Automotive can help with the preparation for application as well as the application process. Any questions? Feel free to call us at 415-787-AUTO. 

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