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Posted by admin 20 May, 2019 In Web Design

A website is the first digital impression of your company

It’s important that a website is making an impact as soon as the user lands on a business’s page. The goal is to keep them there and dig deeper into the site, keeping them intrigued to find out what you have to offer them. A website should load quickly and have a “Call to Action” front and center as soon as they hit the home page. It should show everything potential customers want to know about the business. B2B Automotive offers professional, innovative, and responsive website designs to make all of these items possible.

So, you are not ready for a new website just yet?Improving the quality of an existing website to meet the needs of its visitors will help overall in the success of a business. People are visiting a website because they want to learn something about the business and what it is it offers. Be sure that they’re finding what they’re looking for quickly and with ease.  With a poorly functioning website, a business could miss out on a significant number of potential customers and ultimately make a bad impression before they even get a chance to call or stop by. B2B Automotive encompasses a team of skilled, highly motivated, creative individuals.

Here are some of our tips for creating a unique, memorable website.

Quality is critical

The internet is crawling with competitor websites that are visually appealing, user-friendly and interactive, however, they may not have the necessary SEO (search engine optimization) to ensure top rankings during a search. It is important to keep in mind, a well-designed website that engages your target audience with call to actions, visual appeal, user-friendly interaction, and SEO are all important to ensure it serves a purpose for your overall marketing and business goals. Here are some quick pointers that are critical in good website design.

Responsive Design

Make sure that a website is easily viewable and usable regardless of the device it is being viewed on the site should adjust automatically.


Today’s trends are going back to the basics with minimalistic designs and layouts. Websites are featuring fewer pages with simpler designs.


Make sure a site is a simple, intuitive, and has functional navigation is another important feature to focus on.

Extraordinary Content

Websites that provide visitors with useful information in a variety of formats, such as video and images vs. text when possible, will have greater success than those that don’t meet the needs of today’s website viewers.

Bold Colors

Websites with vibrant colors have become more popular and more acceptable in recent years. When viewed on a high definition device, bold colors can have a powerful impact on visitors.


Adding videos has been the latest tread, even with testimonials. Users relate more to interaction, whether it’s moving graphics or videos, it’s more impacting and engaging.

Unusual (or lack of) Navigation

More and more websites have been experimenting with unique navigation menus, and in some cases, there is no navigation “menu”, but rather a different way of directing or “navigating” the user towards the information they’re looking for while trying to navigate to the information they are looking for.

Our team is well versed in design, digital marketing, social media management, as well as, other sectors of marketing. The B2B Automotive team is sure to leave a lasting impression for your business and brand.




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