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Jenn Cooper
Posted by admin 26 November, 2018 In Team

Meet Our Marketing Director – Jenn Cooper

Jenn Cooper – Passionista, Caffeine-Addict, Collector of Animals & Cars, Creating Inspiration & Information for all!

Our Marketing Director Jenn Cooper is no stranger when it comes to multi-tasking and taking the reins for a variety of clients. She began her career, nearly two decades ago, in marketing as a graphic designer for one of the nation’s top agencies in the U.S.

During her tenure, Jenn experienced tremendous growth providing brand engagement solutions for countless clients. Utilizing both right- and left-brain expertise, she moved her way up the ranks to Managing Director. This experience has given her the insight needed to truly decipher the true vision of all of the clients she has served.

While Jenn loves to provide creative design, she also enjoys working with clients to develop marketing strategies through research and discovery to provide customized marketing solutions that will reach their target audiences and deliver amazing results.

A St. Louis, MO native, Jenn now resides in Wichita, KS with her husband, four children, two grandchildren, six dogs, two cats, 10 vehicles, four trailers, three dirt bikes, one four-wheeler, 850 bee hives, five acres and a cow as a neighbor she nicknamed “Sir Loin.”

The transition from concrete and cul-de-sacs has been an interesting journey, but one she wouldn’t trade for anything.

When not busy illustrating our client’s visions, Jenn enjoys spending time with family, boating, visiting the beach house in Texas and cruising around in a ’71 Dodge Challenger convertible – Plum Crazy.

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