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Posted by admin 04 March, 2019 In Web Design

Interview With One of Our Customers, 821 Collision

One of the partners at 821 Collision, Ken Miller, has agreed to answer some questions regarding his work with B2B Automotive. 

How did you hear about B2B Automotive Marketing?

            “It was at an AASP event for Innovative Solutions Welding. Michelle was there to give a presentation and discuss everyone’s social media presence and website. I was interested because I wanted to improve in both of those areas. Michelle brought up my social media and website on the big screen as part of her presentation and then she made suggestions on how to improve my internet presence collectively on all fronts.” -Ken Miller, Partner at 821 Collision

Why did you decide to hire to B2B Automotive Marketing to assist you?

            “Michelle came to my shop after the AASP event for a consultation. She laid out all of her ideas for creating a business resume, improved social media and a new website.”

Why did you feel you needed a new website?

            “Although our website was not old, I felt that it did not represent our brand well, therefore it needed a change. Michelle agreed and proposed starting with a completely new design.”

How was your experience working with Michelle’s team?

            “Working with Michelle’s team was simple and hassle-free. They use a platform of communication called Basecamp which provides up to the minute details on every project they are currently working on for us. I felt well-informed about everything they were working on throughout the entire process. The team is also friendly, helpful and addressed any issues we had quickly.”

Were you happy with the results produced by Michelle’s team? 

            “Yes, the website design was modern and functional. It portrayed our brand better than our previous website had. I feel that Michelle did a great job in doing everything she said she would. Overall, my partner Pete and myself, were very pleased with the outcome and we are currently working on other projects”

Thank you for answering these questions on behalf of the entire B2B Automotive team.

            “Of course, I’m glad I could be off assistance.”

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