Our Team

Lewis Mendez, IT DIRECTOR
Our Team

Lewis Mendez – Gaming Guru, Hardcore Code Cruncher, Digital Content Master and All-Around Good Guy!

You may know him as the guy behind the scenes, meet Lewis Mendez, IT Director for B2B Automotive. While you are busy fine-tuning engines, and restoring vehicles back to pristine condition, Lewis is working on the backend to ensure your websites are up and running, optimized and getting a bang for your buck with rich content and Search Engine Optimization.

With more than a decade of IT experience, Lewis has been working with clients, near and far, to provide the best possible outcome when it comes to your online presence!

You can also find him working on setting up customized email handles, coding eNewsletters, researching the perfect domain for your business and code crunching in record time to make sure your website is up-to-date with the latest online SEO standards.

While we keep Lewis quite busy, in his off time he enjoys spending time with his family – and what a family he has. Lewis and his loving wife share five children that keep them on their toes every minute of the day.

Lewis is also an avid Oakland A’s fan who never misses a game.

Fun fact about our amazing IT extraordinaire, Lewis wrestled his way through California as a state medalist.