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The Client

Oakland Auto Body has two beautiful shops located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their mission is to treat all of their customers like family through the entire repair process. They wanted to maintain this sense of family and care throughout their branding with a statement of excellent service and state-of-the-art equipment.

Logo Design
Web Design

Bring It all Together

Web Design/Management for all Applications including Desktop, Mobile and More.

Bring your company to life with a new website design. With over 25 years of experience in web page development, B2B Automotive sets the standard in commitment to giving your shop a new face. We give you the look and feel you want your new and existing clients to see. Clean designs with easy navigation allow you to get as complex or simple as you want.

Oakland Auto Body’s website gives customers an instant idea of who will be taking care of their auto body repairs. With clean elements and colors that calm your senses, you immediately get a feeling of relaxation, which is much needed during the stressful time of an accident.

Bringing It Home

New Media

Oakland Auto Body’s new media ties together all their branding and our team designed several images that rotate out each month. All of them give a family feel that encompasses elements of the SF Bay Area and their locations in Oakland.

We brought it home with new media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and much more.

Social Media Design and Management

Driving Business


With the need to drive business and stamp your branding in all media, B2B Automotive brings this to life whether it’s with a business card, letterhead, forms, signage, or anything else that brings your branding full circle.

At Oakland Auto Body, customer service comes first. The shop wanted to show their appreciation for loyal customers and thank them in a unique way. B2B Automotive designed these thank you hangers with their unique branding and a special Yelp promotion. B2B also designed an email signature to enhance their online visuals and professional appearance.

The Freedom of Speech

Review Sheets

B2B Automotive is always looking to help our clients gain feedback from their customers. It’s important to know about customer experiences and strengths and weaknesses within the shop to help business grow. Review sheets do just that by offering an incentive to the customer to write the review. It also helps push customers to engage in their social media.

Review Sheets


We strive to make our packages and services easily understandable for all of our clients. If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them! Feel free to give us a call, send us an email, or submit your question through our contact form. We look forward to learning more about you and your business and how we can help your auto body shop!