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Logo Design

Logo designs catered to your personality.
Don’s Body Shop… a logo with bold red and rich black that uses a circular shape to encompass all of the elements. Inspired by car wheels, the shape brings your eye to the focal point of their logo.

Logo Design
Web Design

Bringing It All Together

Web Design/Management for all Applications including Desktop, Mobile and More.

Bring your company to life with a new website design. With over 25 years of experience in web page development, B2B Automotive sets the standard in commitment to giving your shop a new face. We give you the look and feel you want your new and existing clients to see. Clean designs with easy navigation allow you to get as complex or simple as you want.

Don’s Body Shop’s website needed to be transformed from copy-heavy to a site with a lot imagery that’s pleasing to the eye. It gives the customer an immediate idea of what Don’s Body Shop is all about, and a first impression is a lasting one. We used their branding colors to tie it all together and give their site a sleek and professional look.

Bringing It Home

New Media

B2B Automotive gave Don’s Body Shop a much needed update in the digital world to follow their branding and new logo design. Don’s Body Shop wanted to bring in new customers and gain recognition in a cost effective way that would reach hundreds of people. What better way than through the seemingly endless social media tools online. B2B Automotive created posts for their Facebook page to bring fun facts to their followers while building their fan base as well.

We brought it home with new media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and much more.

Social Media New Media
Email Marketing



B2B Automotive searches every avenue to help you drive business with insurance agents and clients while keeping them informed of your services and latest information.

Don’s Body Shop’s goal was to gain relationships with their insurance agents as well as new and existing customers. They sent out monthly reminders to agents to let them know they are here in their customers’ time of need as a way to establish their shop as a preferred repair provider. B2B Automotive also designed customer review sheets to be handed out and emailed. These sheets give their shop the opportunity to reach a new fan base through social media and also help gain more online reviews.

B2B Automotive also helps you connect with insurance agents through important facts and informational flyers. We also manage monthly e-newsletters to let your clients know about local events and your shop’s latest and greatest news and reviews.

Get your résumé out electronically! It’s the easiest way to relay information quickly and efficiently. It’s the easiest way to relay information quickly and efficiently to obtain recognition and loyalty as a Direct Repair Provider.

Driving Business

Marketing Media

With the need to drive business and stamp your branding in all media, B2B Automotive brings this to life whether it’s with a business card, letterhead, forms, signage, or anything else that brings your branding full circle.

Don’s Body Shop pushed for more ways to reach customers through new media and grow their fan base. They set up a sign on their front desk to help gain recognition followed by promotional programs in their e-newsletters to reward their customers.

B2B Automotive can design any sign needed for any purpose whether it is a yard sign, building sign, vehicle wrap, indoor sign and much more. If you need it, we can get the job done.

Business cards are a must for any auto repair shop and B2B Automotive is always looking for new ways to make your shop stand out amongst your competitors. This is another great way to stamp your branding into all of the collateral.

Are you looking for more referrals or repeat business? We can help with that as well. Don’s Body Shop gained many new and repeat customers by sending out a promotional coupon to reward new and existing clients. B2B Automotive’s promotional ideas are catered to each individual shop and their needs. Our team brings innovative ideas with successful execution and results.

Marketing Media


We strive to make our packages and services easily understandable for all of our clients. If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them! Feel free to give us a call, send us an email, or submit your question through our contact form. We look forward to learning more about you and your business and how we can help your auto body shop!